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#werallrefugees is underpinned by the notion that each one of us has some personal connection to the refugee experience; we might have been refugees ourselves, or our ancestors were refugees at some point in history.

In face of growing xenophobic discourses and entrenched narratives about refugees globally, relating to that notion can form a productive basis for empathic listening, for recognizing difference and for cultivating understanding and a more compassionate debate about the enormous challenges of accepting so many new refugees in Europe and NA and elsewhere.

Some of the stories on this platform were filmed by our teams globally, at workshops, events and schools, where we met people who shared their own story of refuge and prosperity. We also embed stories that inspire us from around the world.

On any journey, one must have good partners. We are grateful to ours:


Collecting stories in India

We were in New Delhi, India this week, where we ran the #werallrefugees workshop at the Asian Forum on Global Governance (AFGG) with over 50 participants from all over the world. Some amazing stories came out of that session and those were captured by director Ariel Margalith and our film crew in Delhi. Stay tuned […]

Refuge and prosperity in Shanghai

We are in Shanghai this week shooting an exceptional story of refuge and prosperity. Stay tuned for the video.

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#werallrefugees is launched. So many great stories to share! Join us.


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